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My son has been going to de Colores preschool for 3 years and we wish he could stay for 3 more. The love that Mrs. Yadira and Mrs veronica have for these children is like sending your child to a family member. Mrs Yadira is so passionate about what she does and it shows.... The art work, field trip to pumpkin patch and communication with the children and parents is over the top. My 5 year old son not only loves going to "Spanish school" but he can now understand Spanish and is using phrases and words constantly. Best decision we have made was to send our son to this amazing school!
Proud mommy- Taylor Uffelman

My husband and I knew that our daughter would flourish in a Spanish immersion program. We exposed her to Spanish from the beginning, but once she started her academic journey, we were lucky to have found De Colores Preschool where Maestra Yadi has reinforced her Spanish comprehension in a self-paced and very loving environment. It brings me great joy to hear my daughter be able to connect with her great-grandmother, and grandparents. Being at De Colores has been an extremely positive experience, I only wish we had found this amazing school sooner!" - Elizabeth Villa"

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